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Kinder 1 [K1]

Our main goals are
To develop the children’s reading skills, with a focus on using phonics to read unfamiliar words.
That the students be able to express themselves creatively in writing
To develop the ability to confidently share their ideas and opinions

Building on the foundations introduced throughout Playgroup, N1 & N2, the children will learn through a range of activities specifically designed for this age group. Theme topics such as The Five Senses, the Arts, Space, Prehistoric Animals and Our Neighbourhood provide a topic base in which children will be taught varying vocabulary and concepts.

Continued development of gross motor skills is taught through physical education lessons involving a variety of skills that allow children to move their bodies and participate in cooperative games.

By the end of Kinder 1 students will be able to independently write sentences. Through exposure to Sight Words in a variety of activities, students will be able to use this knowledge to further develop their writing skills as the year progresses.

Basic Numeracy skills will also be expanded upon, and include concepts such as basic measurement and more complex pattern building.

Class Hours

Full Day Option 7am - 7:00pm[Class Time: 9:00am-5:30pm]Five Day program only.

Child Ratios

1 teacher for every 12 children
[with general class size of 22 students with 2 teachers per class (max class size of 24)]

*For the N2, K1 & K2 classes, there are 22 spots available in each class. Two additional spots in these classes are reserved for possible International transfers from other Kinder Kids schools.