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Additional Classes

  • Theme
  • JapaneseIn our weekly Japanese classes, children will enjoy learning to speak Japanese through songs, games, and dances.

    We also look forward to offering an introduction to writing the Japanese alphabet—hiragana—in the future.

  • MandarinOur Chinese teacher will guide the students through weekly concepts that help strengthen their spoken and written Mandarin. Through games, songs, dances, and an integrated thematic approach, the children’s vocabulary will also be developed.

  • ScienceOur fun and age-appropriate science lessons engage children in hands-on activities and crafts designed to build students' curiosity and interest in the natural world.

    Children are introduced to the Scientific Method and encouraged to observe, hypothesize, experiment, and discuss the outcome of their work. Science lessons are held as part of our integrated Theme Curriculum.

  • Art and CraftsOur Art and Crafts curriculum is designed to help children develop an appreciation for the process of making crafts and foster their pride in all parts of their art project.

    Children will use a variety of mediums to make works of art and will have plenty of interesting sensory opportunities as well!

  • CookingThere will be cookery lessons every month for each year level organised by the class teachers. Our cooking class encourages children to enjoy preparing and eating healthy foods. We also find that students will often try new dishes if they have prepared them themselves!

  • Free PlayIn addition to the above activities, there will also be Free Play time slots run within the class. These sessions provide children opportunities to independently explore areas of personal interest and further build social and problem-solving skills.

    During this time children may choose to play with toys, make a simple craft, work on puzzles, draw, and/or take part in other activities of their choice.